Lexie Stetson-Lee

Mercy Health Foundation

Photo of Lexie Stetson-Lee

As senior philanthropy officer, Lexie Stetson-Lee works with donors, friends and those working in and for Mercy Regional Medical Center to promote their philanthropic objectives and ideals in partnership with the mission of our rural hospital. Lexie’s work enables individuals to achieve their philanthropic goals while allowing Mercy Regional Medical Center to secure gifts that create impact in the areas of clinical excellence, education and prevention, and community care.

Lexie is a nonprofit professional who has worked in the sector for 14 years. She has a broad scope of experience in philanthropy, STEM programming, operations and business administration. Lexie received her Master of Science from the University of Wisconsin with a focus on educational policy and nonprofit leadership. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies from Kenyon College in Ohio. She is also an active volunteer in the community. Stetson-Lee’s career commitment to giving began with a family ethic of service—her parents are both heavily involved in hospital foundations in Ohio. When not at work Lexie enjoys backcountry skiing and time with her husband and two children.