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No one living in America should have their health determined by the color of their skin, country of origin, zip code, or social and economic status.”

Lloyd H. Dean
Executive Emeritus
Founding Executive
CommonSpirit Health

CommonSpirit Health Foundation

CommonSpirit Health Foundation is focused on making health equity a reality across the country – through pioneering programs that ensure greater access to care, create community partnerships and participation and advocate for those who are vulnerable.

Unjust health disparities have a direct impact on health. For example, across our country, a disproportionate number of people of color are far more likely to have chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, asthma and hypertension due to inequities such as limited access to health insurance, safe housing, or even quality food.

Getting and staying healthy is not limited to what happens inside the doctor's office or hospital. Where you live, learn, work, play and pray affects your health and that of those around you. Having shelter, a financial stability, access to equitable health care and a community support system all contribute to our ability to thrive.

Our Priorities

CommonSpirit Health Foundation seeks investments and donations from multiple funding sources – federal, state, private foundations, corporate foundations and individuals - to support programs and initiatives that enable all people to be healthy and safe. Our priority initiatives include:

  • Health Equity and Social Justice. Social justice is the creation and proactive reinforcement of policies, practices, attitudes and actions that produce equitable power, access, opportunity, treatment and outcomes for all people. The foundation advances social justice and health equity through changing business practices, (e.g., hiring, promotion), ensuring health access and services (domestic violence, trafficking, substance use) are provided equitably and working with other sectors to ensure that all have access to health promoting resources (e.g., good jobs, affordable housing).

  • Healthier Communities. Everyone has the right to be healthy, regardless of their zip code. Yet millions of people are unhealthy or die due to factors beyond their control.   CommonSpirit Health is reducing health disparities by creating and expanding programs that address social determinants of health. We achieve health justice only through strong community partnerships and programs that address systemic barriers. To help the most vulnerable individuals achieve good health, we must also ensure we address critical upstream issues such as housing, education, food insecurity, jobs, and the environment. The social causes of poor health must be treated with the same urgency and resources as acute medical needs.
  • Maternal Health. The foundation promotes women’s health and infant health before, during and after pregnancy as well as reducing disease and death among mothers and babies, with special attention to reducing population-specific disparities in these health outcomes. We seek to improve access to safe and respectful maternal health care for all who need it, and to ensure that all people have an opportunity to attain the highest standard of maternal health possible for themselves.

  • Mental Health. Mental health conditions affect one in five adults in the United States every year, and the foundation understands that an emphasis on early intervention is critical.  This attention will ensure that individuals can enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Through conversation and education we seek to address stigma and discrimination around mental health. The foundation will proactively work to provide comprehensive, accurate information about mental health by continuing to address the issues at every turn.

  • Violence Prevention and Human Trafficking Response. The foundation seeks to prevent human trafficking and ensure trauma-informed delivery of care to patients and families who may be impacted. This initiative focuses on human trafficking or other types of abuse, neglect, and violence.

Contact the Foundation

For additional information regarding CommonSpirit Health Foundation please contact Nancy Bussani, System Senior Vice President, Strategy and Governance.