2020 Annual Report cover image

2020 Annual Report

Awestruck. Grateful. Humbled.

In this exceptional year, these are just a few of the many feelings invoked when I think about our donors and all that they have done to support our mission – to make the healing presence of God known in our world by improving the health of the people we serve, especially those who are vulnerable, while we advance social justice for all.

While we are still navigating our way through the pandemic, working toward a more just world and addressing other critical issues of this moment, we know we mustn’t rest.

At the same time, we take time in the CommonSpirit Health Philanthropy 2020 annual report to reflect on and celebrate the good things. You helped us raise more than $260.1 million through philanthropy this year – a record-breaking amount for our ministry – to ensure that CommonSpirit Health can continue to serve the vulnerable and build healthy communities.

There is an act of kindness behind each and every one of those dollars that we honor in this report. In it, we bring you stories and statistics from the 80+ fundraising locations in our organization, across the nation, to show you why we need this support and how these vital funds are making a difference.

You will learn how our donors raised more than $18.5 million in response to COVID-19 in the form of gifts to comfort and care for not only our patients and their families but also our caregivers and frontline staff. Every meal made, mask sewn, and care package assembled was accepted with the deepest gratitude for your warmth and generosity.

We also meet donors across our nation, in places like Lincoln, Nebraska, and Woodland, California, who share their unique take on why they give, what it means to them personally and what it means to their communities. We see how their contributions allow programs to grow and facilities to expand to serve even more people in the places they call home.

We hope to show you the incredible impact you can have on so many – individually and collectively – when you connect your purpose and passion with our mission. Each gift, no matter the size, contributes to myriad possibilities to improve health. We are so thankful for each and every person who makes this commitment through philanthropy.

Thank you,

Fred Najjar
Executive Vice President
Chief Philanthropy Officer