Karrie Swanson

Brand Specialist

Image of Karrie Swanson

Karrie Swanson is a brand specialist for CommonSpirit Health’s philanthropy team. She has served the ministry since 2010, joining the national team in 2019. In her role, Karrie focuses on brand and graphic design support for the national team and local fundraising entities.

Karrie is originally from Jamestown, New York, and has moved around the United States. Currently she lives in Tucson, Arizona. Being in the southwest inspired her to join the Southwest Region Research Organization and serve as the regional chair for New Mexico. Karrie has a great love for nature—she hikes throughout the southwest and has recently become a Climate for Health Ambassador at CommonSpirit.

Karrie received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts and a minor in marketing and communications at Rochester Institute of Technology. She is a member of Southwestern Advancement Research Organization, Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement and American Institute of Graphic Arts.