Couple walking on the boardwalk.

About CommonSpirit Health Philanthropy

CommonSpirit Health™ is committed to building healthier communities, advocating for those who are poor and vulnerable, and innovating how and where healing can happen—both inside our hospitals and out in the community. CommonSpirit regards philanthropy as an important way to support this mission and to connect those with resources to those in need, offering an opportunity to express gratitude for the expertise, care, and kindness experienced throughout our ministry.

CommonSpirit Health has 80+ fundraising locations located across the U.S. Over the past five years, these foundations have raised a combined $1 billion in areas including addressing health equity and the social determinants of health, preventing and responding to human trafficking and opioid abuse, and uniting against violence.

With these funds, our fundraising offices enhance the lives of people in the communities we serve by supporting hospital initiatives such as the expansion of emergency departments, purchases of state-of-the-art equipment, training and recruitment of doctors and nurses, administration of patient well-being programs, and procurement of educational outreach sponsorships—just to name a few.

We do this nationally through CommonSpirit Health Foundation, and locally through our network of regional and community-based fundraising locations.