Humankindness & Health Justice Distinguished Speaker Series

CommonSpirit Health Foundation is proud to host the Humankindness & Health Justice Distinguished Speaker Series, a convening of public events addressing health justice. Launched in 2022, the flagship series has been a combination of in-person and virtual events featuring celebrity ambassadors, policy advocates, medical experts, business leaders and everyday people, all shedding light on the principle that every person deserves social, economic and health equity.

The 2024 Humankindness & Health Distinguished Justice Speaker Series consists of three events beginning in January 2024. The topics will include:

  • Violence Prevention
  • More in Common Alliance
  • Healthier Communities 

More information on each topic will be coming soon! 


Past events

October 19, 2022: Social Justice as a Form of Health Justice

July 27, 2022: On Mental Health and Equity 

March 20, 2022: Creating a More Equitable World