Humankindess Gala 2022 Collage

Humankindness Gala

Helping CommonSpirit Health Foundation close the gap between today and what’s possible tomorrow. 

No matter where you are born, grow, work, live or age, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to be healthy. 

The Humankindness Gala is CommonSpirit Health Foundation’s way to showcase the direct impact donors are making on the lives of millions across the nation. The foundation is taking bold steps to achieve health justice – ensuring that everyone has a fair opportunity to be as healthy as possible. By investing in programs and advancing our mission, donors are helping put the healing power of humanity into action. 

The Humankindness Gala, through generous donor support, has provided millions to launch and catalyze things like CommonSpirit Health’s nationally-recognized human trafficking response program; the American Hospital Association NOVA award-winning Connected Community Network; and much more! 

The annual gala supports programs and initiatives that enable all people to be healthy and safe. Our national priority initiatives include:

  • Behavioral Health - CommonSpirit is developing programs that address stigmas, screen patients and provide more opportunities to see mental health professionals that can address people's specific needs.
  • Healthier Communities - These programs address social determinants which contribute to poor health such as housing, education, food insecurity and a Community Care Network that creates pathways for all people to navigate the complex health care system and access available resources inside and outside the hospital.
  • Lloyd H. Dean Institute for Humankindness & Health Justice Leveraging the science of Humankindness to address systemic barriers to good health, the institute will fund new research into how kindness, empathy and trust can be leveraged in health settings to improve outcomes among diverse populations.
  • More in Common Alliance - A historic 10-year partnership between Morehouse School of Medicine and CommonSpirit Health aimed at addressing the underlying causes of health inequities, including the lack of representation among care providers.
  • Violence Prevention - CommonSpirit is a national leader in providing Human Trafficking Response and Violence Prevention Programs. Philanthropic support has helped drive the education of our providers and staff to identify patients and families who may be impacted by human trafficking or other types of abuse, neglect and violence

CommonSpirit and CommonSpirit Health Foundation are uniquely positioned to make a difference on these difficult and complex issues as the Nation’s largest nonprofit health system. Providing access to care for one in four Americans across 24 states, our footprint can truly change the way health care is viewed and accessed across the country. 

Help us close the gap between today and what’s possible tomorrow by making a gift. 

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