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Philanthropy supports the health care journey for so many people who deserve a better opportunity to live a healthy life. Simply put, philanthropy inspires us to put humankindness into action and creates a more equitable future for all.”

Wright Lassiter, III
CEO, CommonSpirit Health and CommonSpirit Health Foundation


CommonSpirit Health Foundation

CommonSpirit Health Foundation is focused on making health equity a reality across the country – through pioneering programs that ensure greater access to care, create community partnerships and participation and advocate for those who are vulnerable.

Unjust health disparities have a direct impact on health. For example, across our country, a disproportionate number of people of color are far more likely to have chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, asthma and hypertension due to inequities such as limited access to health insurance, safe housing, or even quality food.

Getting and staying healthy is not limited to what happens inside the doctor's office or hospital. Where you live, learn, work, play and pray affects your health and that of those around you. Having shelter, a financial stability, access to equitable health care and a community support system all contribute to our ability to thrive.

Our Priorities

CommonSpirit Health Foundation seeks investments and donations from multiple funding sources – federal, state, private foundations, corporate foundations and individuals – to support programs and initiatives that enable all people to be healthy and safe. Our national priority initiatives include:

  • Behavioral Health. Each year, 1 in 5 adults in the US experience a mental illness. Individuals living below the poverty level are twice as likely to report feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. CommonSpirit’s emergency departments are often the first place people turn to in times of mental health crisis. The staff in emergency departments are often not adequately trained to provide the behavioral health treatment for a mental health crises. CommonSpirit is developing programs that address these stigmas, screen patients and provide more opportunities to see mental health professionals that can address their specific needs.
  • Healthier Communities. Caring for the whole person goes beyond the walls of the hospital. CommonSpirit Health Foundation understands the importance of strong partnerships with other organizations in the community. With the help of philanthropic funding, we support the expansion of Community Health programs. These programs address social determinants which contribute to poor health such as housing, education, food insecurity and a Community Care Network that creates pathways for all people to navigate the complex health care system and access available resources inside and outside the hospital. By working together on these connected issues, CommonSpirit will ultimately increase health outcomes through evidence based practices.

  • Lloyd H. Dean Institute for Humankindness & Health Justice. In 2022, CommonSpirit launched the Lloyd H. Dean Institute for Humankindness & Health Justice in order to apply the power of Humankindness to treat the social causes of poor health and advance health justice. Leveraging the science of Humankindness to address systemic barriers to good health, the institute will fund new research into how kindness, empathy and trust can be leveraged in health settings to improve outcomes among diverse populations. Through the work of the institute we will see health equity and social justice in action; transforming how we care for those who are vulnerable.
  • More in Common Alliance. More in Common Alliance (MICA), is a historic partnership between Morehouse School of Medicine and CommonSpirit Health aimed at addressing the underlying causes of health inequities, including the lack of representation among care providers. Together, CommonSpirit and Morehouse School of Medicine are spearheading a 10-year initiative to expand undergraduate and graduate medical education and train the next generation of culturally competent health clinicians and researchers.
  • Violence Prevention. Violence is a public health issue that puts vulnerable families, particularly women and children, at risk. CommonSpirit is a national leader in providing Human Trafficking Response and Violence Prevention Programs. Philanthropic support has helped drive the education of our providers and staff to identify patients and families who may be impacted by human trafficking or other types of abuse, neglect and violence, and we equip providers and staff to provide trauma-informed care and services to those affected. These programs are ready to be expanded to serve even more communities in need.

Contact the Foundation

For additional information regarding CommonSpirit Health Foundation please contact Nancy Bussani, Executive Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer and President of CommonSpirit Health Foundation.