The entrance to Woodland Hospital in Woodland, California.

Supporting Your Local Hospital

Picture the hospital in your community. Can you remember the last time you drove by, visited someone, or maybe even spent time there as a patient? Maybe you were celebrating the birth of a new family member. Maybe you gathered your loved ones close to say goodbye to someone you held dear. Lives are saved through cancer treatments or stroke care or by any number of heroic actions performed there every day and, chances are, that has touched your life in some way.

Your hospital is the backbone of your community – it’s there in the good times and the bad, ensuring excellent medical care, delivered with kindness, is available to all.

There are hundreds of hospitals and care facilities located across the U.S. as part of CommonSpirit Health. Our mission is clear: we make the healing presence of God known in our world by improving the health of the people we serve, especially those who are vulnerable, while we advance social justice for all.

Glance around any patient room or treatment area at those facilities and you will see the impact of philanthropy. Because of donors who walk with us with a goal of access to exceptional care for all, we can provide new equipment, support research programs, educate hospital staff, improve facilities and provide extra comforts.

You can make a commitment to the future health of your community through supporting your local hospital through philanthropy. By doing so you can work to remove the barriers that inhibit quality health outcomes for all people and ease the financial burden of health care for the most vulnerable. You can also fund research, equipment and programs that make your hospital competitive in emergency response, cancer care, neurology, heart and lung programs, community education and other key services.

Philanthropy is an action that expresses deep gratitude and care for yourself and your community. Your partnership through philanthropy ensures continued access to quality, compassionate care close to home. Will you join us unleashing the power of our humanity?

To contact our closest fundraising location to your community, please visit our directory.