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No one living in America should have their health determined by the color of their skin, country of origin, zip code, or social and economic status.”

Lloyd Dean
Chief Executive Officer
CommonSpirit Health

CommonSpirit Health Foundation

CommonSpirit Health Foundation launched in spring 2021 to align and advance the work of CHI National Foundation and Dignity Health Foundation.

CommonSpirit Health Foundation is focused on making the promise of health equity a reality across the country – through pioneering programs that ensure greater access, create community partnerships, and advocate for the underserved and most vulnerable.

People should not need to choose between seeing a doctor or paying the rent; between putting their family’s health at risk or putting food on the table.

Unjust health disparities have existed for many decades. Across our country, a disproportionate number of people of color are far more likely to have chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, asthma and hypertension. Disadvantaged communities also face socioeconomic inequities often leading to limited access to health insurance, safe housing, or even quality food.

We all know that health is not just about what happens in the hospital. As described by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, health is where you live, learn, work, and play; it’s whether you have a home, a job, access to equitable health care and the community support system you need to thrive.

Our Priorities

CommonSpirit Health Foundation seeks investments and donations from multiple funding sources – federal, state, private foundations, corporate foundations, and individuals - to support programs and initiatives that enable all people to be healthy and safe. Improving health equity and ensuring health justice requires that we:

  • Address racism and embed trauma-informed care. The history of systemic racial and social inequities in our society continues. The experience of racism and discrimination is traumatic, making it essential that we expand access to culturally responsive behavioral health prevention, treatment and recovery services.
  • Increase violence prevention programs. Community violence is a public health issue, leaving vulnerable families at risk. Services like our Human Trafficking Response and Violence Prevention Programs are critical and we must increase these programs. Previous support provided to Dignity Health and CHI National Foundations will accelerate funding for these programs.
  • Create a diverse health workforce. Health for every person can only happen with a culturally competent workforce. CommonSpirit is committed to workforce recruitment with a racial lens and expanded investment in community jobs programs. Our partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine will catalyze philanthropic outreach in this area.
  • Partner on vital health and social programs. Programs like Medicaid, CHIP and SNAP are the foundation for health in underserved communities and have been steadily eroded. We will partner with communities to rebuild programs that address social determinants that contribute to poor health like lack of housing, food insecurity, and limited jobs. Previous funding secured by Dignity Health Foundation will be leveraged to secure additional resources for these programs.
  • Implement equitable innovation and technology strategies. Telehealth, new prevention and treatment options, and precision medicine advances must not be available only to those with the most resources. The development of Connected Communities of Care that link resources and ensure access to technology for all must be invested in if we are to achieve health equity.

Contact the Foundation

For additional information regarding the CommonSpirit Health Foundation please contact Nancy Bussani, System Vice President, Strategy & Governance, at 415.544.2493 or email