Christina Miller

System Director
Strategic Communications

Image of Christina Miller

Christina Miller is the system director of strategic communications for CommonSpirit Health’s philanthropy team. Christina has served the ministry since 2008, joining the national team in 2017. Prior to joining CommonSpirit, Christina worked as a print journalist at several newspapers in Arizona and Ohio and as a consultant to several national brands where she provided services related to storytelling and strategy building. In her role with CommonSpirit, Christina seeks to be in community with allies of health justice, telling powerful, inclusive, participatory stories about need and impact.

Christina received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Youngstown State University and is working toward her master’s degree in human rights practice at the University of Arizona. She is passionate about health and the environment, especially as they relate to human rights, and volunteers in her Seattle-area community and internationally in service to these ideals. She is a member of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy and several groups of professional communicators.