Research Excellence
Equity Fund


Research provides opportunity - an opportunity to find a cure, an opportunity to improve quality of life, an opportunity to improve health care for the next generation and an opportunity to provide access to health care for all regardless of race, gender or socio-economic status. Pursuing continued innovation and discovery with the goal of finding new ways to provide effective care for all patients, while ensuring social justice for all is what we do.

The Research Excellence Equity Fund (REEF) will support the intersectionality of research and health equity through multiple mechanisms:

  • Clinical Research Innovation Grant Program - a seed grant program as a funding for internal providers and staff to conduct leading edge innovative research that advances care and improves patient lives. Projects must be patient-centered and have a health equity focus/outcome.
  • Strategies to enhance diversity in clinical trial and research participation in communities we serve.
  • Diversity in research workforce development - initiatives to increase diversity in the research workforce pipeline through medical student, resident and fellowship research programs for diverse students.
  • Start-up funds for research in physician recruitment - increase physician recruitment capacity for physicians of color by providing funds as "start-up" for their research projects.

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