Honoring a Legacy

A child laughs while being held in an adult's arms.

An Extraordinary Leader.
An Extraordinary Opportunity.

There’s no better thought leader to help build a groundswell of support for humankindness and health justice than Lloyd H. Dean.

And there is no better time for Lloyd to lead conversations, take action and drive change, than at the culmination of his career at CommonSpirit and the founding of a new institute dedicated to humankindness and health justice.

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The Lloyd H. Dean Institute for Humankindness & Health Justice will accelerate Lloyd's vision and legacy in advancing humankindness.
What began as a personal belief — that kindness is essential to basic human health for everyone — has become the daily commitment of over 150,000 team members supporting one of our country’s largest health systems.

Through the work of the institute, we will see health justice in action; addressing systems and barriers that keep our nation from living our healthiest lives.

The Institute by the numbers.

Infographic depicture funding for the Institute.