Core Foundation Initiatives

Two caregivers smile and consult in a clinical setting.

The Humankindness Gala showcases the health justice work being done by the CommonSpirit Health Foundation in four core areas.

Healthy Communities
Advocate for social justice policies and systems that address poor health outcomes. Implement “whole person care” by tackling upstream factors that lead to poor health such as housing, food insecurity, transportation, preventative care, and education. Develop Connected Community Networks that create pathways for all people to access the complex health care system and the available resources inside and outside the hospital.
View an illustration of the work in progress you saw this evening.

Mental Health
Raise awareness about the need for accurate information about mental health which affects one in five adults nationally. Aggressively train mental health service professionals to provide early intervention and expand access and delivery. Tackle the stigma around mental health with comprehensive information and resources to address discrimination
and hesitancies in seeking treatment.

Maternal Health
Improve access to safe maternal health care for all underserved mothers and families. Increase support for the black mother who are 2.4 times more likely to die due to pregnancy than white women. Build awareness and provide treatment and support for women experiencing postpartum depression and maternal mental health issues.

Violence Prevention & Human Trafficking Response
Identify violence-related issues in your community and build coalitions to prevent, intervene and reduce violence. 88% of participants identifying as sex trafficking survivors had some contact with health care while being exploited. Through health care training and education, teach care providers to identify, support, and ultimately prevent human trafficking by using tested trauma-informed care practices.
View an illustration of the work in progress you saw this evening.