Get to know: Rosalyn Carpenter

Photo of Rosalyn Carpenter and family.

Rosalyn Carpenter is the system Senior Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, and Chief Diversity Officer for CommonSpirit Health. She has been with CommonSpirit for 10 years and started with Catholic Health Initiatives in Denver, Colorado. She recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to be closer to family.

How do you see your work within CommonSpirit Health helping to fulfill the organization's mission and vision?
I am one of our employees who feels called to CommonSpirit to help fulfill our mission. Our Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging work is indeed in service to our mission, vision, and values. In all that we do, consult and advance through our work it is strategic to be impactful to the health of those we serve, especially our most vulnerable. The advancement of social justice ensures that we do not leave out the underserved and communities of color as we pursue equity for all.

What does the Health Equity fund mean to you and why is it important to support it through philanthropy?
Our equity fund means that the work that needs to be done and taken to scale will be funded. I was taught that charity begins at home, so for me our equity funds means that we will help take care of the unmet needs of our CommonSpirit family due to unforeseen circumstances.

Why do you give to the organization?
I give because it makes me feel good to help others in this way. I give because I know that it is our collective giving that makes the most difference. I give because I believe the story of loaves and fishes translates for me as when everyone shared a little of what they had on life's journey that it was enough with some left over. Others should give because we need their help so that we can be successful in making a difference in the lives of others.

What does gratitude mean to you and does it play a role in why you do what you do?
Gratitude means that I am thankful for every experience. Clearly some I appreciate more than others. Gratitude is me lingering in the moment with appreciation and represents how I play out kindness to myself and others.

What is your fondest memory of working at CommonSpirit Health?
I have too many fond memories of CommonSpirit people, successful work experiences, and community engagements to pick one. So my greatest satisfaction derives from being of good service and that brings me a sense of tireless joy!

What is one fun fact that others might not know about you?
That I am a very funny and a fun person to be around despite my far too often serious and introverted self. I can dance and do so most days all by myself … always a song of many genres in my heart. Nope, I can't sing at all!