Jed York

Chairman of the Board

Chief Executive Officer
San Francisco 49ers

Jed York

Jed York is the CEO of the San Francisco 49ers. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame earning a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and History and began his career as a financial analyst for Guggenheim Partners in New York City. Jed joined the family business as the 49ers' Director of Strategic Planning and later became Vice President of Strategic Planning. In December 2008 Jed became the Team President where he was responsible for providing all resources needed for the team’s success and leading the interaction with other owners and NFL executives. His promotion of Trent Baalke to General Manager and the hiring of Jim Harbaugh as Head Coach put the 49ers back in the playoffs after a 10 season hiatus.

Mr. York spearheaded a successful ballot measure for the first LEED certified NFL stadium in 2010. He secured financing in 2011 and obtained $200 million of NFL support for the Santa Clara stadium in February 2012. He also led the successful bid for hosting rights to the 2016 Super Bowl to be held in the new stadium.

Mr. York has served on the board of the Tipping Point Community, the Commonwealth Club, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and the Bay Area Council as well as numerous other bay area organizations. In 2012 Fortune magazine included Jed on its “40 under 40” rising young executives list. He recently received the Commonwealth Club of California prestigious Distinguished Citizen Award which honors pioneering thought leaders in the arts, academia, business, philanthropy, and other fields.