Get to know: Glorivic Fazon-Ruiz RN, MSNI

Glorivic Fazon-Ruiz

We are pleased to introduce you to Glorivic Fazon-Ruiz, CommonSpirit Health’s Director of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Executive. Glorivic has been with our ministry for more than 20 years.

How do you see your work within CommonSpirit helping to fulfill the organization’s mission and vision?
I am a nurse but I do not work directly with patients. I work on enterprise projects that effect the larger patient population that we serve. I am also blessed to be able to work on projects that bring financial value to our organization. Currently, I am part of a team working on command centers helping support our hospitals across CommonSpirit Health. I am also working on a technology and service program that help our patients navigate their care journey, with emphasis on serving our vulnerable and underserved population.

What does philanthropy mean to you?
It is a way to contribute to a cause that could help others. I don’t believe one has to be wealthy to do philanthropy. Any help that leads to the promotion of the welfare of others, counts.

Why do you give and do you have a specific focus at CommonSpirit that you like to direct your giving toward?
Instinctively, I think I give because I want to be able to help, in my own small way. Looking back to the times I’ve donated, they are almost always associated with a major event, be it fires, hurricanes, or crisis of some sort. I want to help any way I can. I am very grateful that my family and I have not been directly impacted, and I want to share what I have with those who may not be as blessed or as lucky.

Does gratitude play a role in why you give?
Yes – gratitude plays a large part!

What’s your fondest memory of working here?
Too many to count but one that stands out is when my children were very little. Our hospital sponsored a day care located close to my office. The day care teachers would take the kids for walks and they would make noise when they passed by my office – those moments were real treats!

What’s something others might not know about you?
In my spare time I teach women’s self defense.