About Us

CommonSpirit Health Foundation is focused on making health equity a reality across the country – through pioneering programs that ensure greater access to care, create community partnerships and participation, and advocate for those who are vulnerable.

Unjust health disparities have a direct impact on health. For example, across our country, a disproportionate number of people of color are far more likely to have chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, asthma and hypertension due to inequities such as limited access to health insurance, safe housing, or even quality food.

Getting and staying healthy is not limited to what happens inside the doctor's office or hospital. Where you live, learn, work, play and pray affects your health and that of those around you. Having shelter, a financial stability, access to equitable health care and a community support system all contribute to our ability to thrive.

Two adults embrace in laughter on a front porch.

No one living in America should have their health determined by the color of their skin, country of origin, zip code, or social and economic status.

 - Lloyd H. Dean, Executive Emeritus and Founding Executive, CommonSpirit Health

Our Initiatives

Board & Governance

CommonSpirit Health Foundation is committed to building healthier communities, advocating for those who are poor and vulnerable, and innovating how and where healing can happen—both inside our hospitals and out in the community. In partnership with CommonSpirit and through the generosity of the communities we serve, we support investments that honor compassion, inclusion, integrity, excellence and collaboration. The foundation is led by board members who are passionate about this mission and work hand-in-hand with experts from across our ministry to bring about meaningful change.

Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of a dynamic group of community leaders who serve on a volunteer basis. Meet our current members.


The foundation is governed by board members who act as fiduciaries by adopting sound, ethical and legal governance and financial managment policies that steer the organization toward a sustainable future. For additional information regarding CommonSpirit Health Foundation and its board members, please contact Nancy Bussani, System Senior Vice President for Strategy and Governance..


The work of CommonSpirit Health Foundation is supported by an interdisciplanry team of professionals with experience in program management, major gift and grant solicitation and stewardship, community engagement, strategy and governance, finance, communications, data management, information technology and other critical areas. 

The following are members of CommononSpirit Health's Philanthropy Senior Leadership team. For a complete listing of our nationally-recognized professionals please visit our philanthropy staff page.

Financials - Annual Report

Philanthropy at CommonSpirit Health had a phenomenal year last year, fueled by gratitude and generosity. We take time in the CommonSpirit Health Philanthropy 2021 annual report to reflect and celebrate. You helped us raise more than $285 million through philanthropy this year – a record-breaking amount for our ministry – to ensure that CommonSpirit Health can continue to serve the vulnerable and build healthy communities.