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An evening of thanks sparks impromptu philanthropic gifts

Stockton, CA. (March 22, 2023) – St. Joseph’s Foundation of San Joaquin’s biennial O’Connor Society Reception is an event to show gratitude for philanthropic investors. This strategically designed stewardship event in March 2023 ignited additional support. Results included two significant contributions, a $78,000 gift and a $50,000 gift, followed by several $1,000 gifts. The Evening of Gratitude gave recognition to members who have cumulatively given $10,000 or more to St. Joseph’s Foundation. A theme of gratitude was woven into décor, invitations, printed materials and even the signature cocktails.

A focal point of the evening was Omar Amr, MD, who voiced his love for the city of Stockton after relocating from Southern California. He expressed gratitude to those in attendance for the newly donated bedside ultrasound units, a tool that increases the efficiency providers can serve their patients. Dr. Amr was attracted to St. Joseph’s Medical Center because of the hospital’s energetic and rapidly expanding interest in using ultrasound technology as a regular modality of diagnosis. In his speech, Dr. Amr shared a vision for the day when bedside ultrasound units become as common as a stethoscope to physicians.

While a standard stethoscope costs less than $150, the bedside ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that comes with a $12,000 investment. In addition to being deployed across the hospital, the bedside ultrasound units are part of the hands-on training resident physicians receive from the Graduate Medical Education (GME) program. They are able to obtain immediate medical information, improve patient safety, decrease diagnostic testing and enable faster and more accurate diagnosis. Dr. Amr serves as a GME Ultrasound Director and as the Clinical Emergency Department Ultrasound Director. The bedside ultrasounds in the hospital and GME’s Simulation Laboratory have been fully funded through philanthropic investment. St. Joseph’s Foundation has been a strong partner to the GME program since its start in 2018, providing funding for simulation tools and resident research.

The ultrasound fellowship, led by Dr. Amr, gives hands-on experience to new residents in critical care environments. During intern year, residents participate in a one month ultrasound rotation in which they complete scanning shifts with ultrasound faculty, attend formal ultrasound specific didactics, participate in quality assurance and image review, receive training in procedural guidance, solidify fundamentals and begin to shift focus to ultrasound guided resuscitation. The bedside ultrasounds are used as a standard of care for several invasive procedures such as central lines, paracentesis and thoracentesis.

The O'Connor Society Reception is an event thanking donors and providing them with information on how their gifts can impact the hospital. Thanks to Dr. Amr's presentation, attendees were moved to provide additional support for the bedside ultrasound program. Dr. Amr’s ardent delivery translated into a commitment of $142,000 toward the purchase of additional portable ultrasound units, with two lead gifts coming from long-time friends of St. Joseph’s, Pat Patmon and Gene Gini. Like Dr. Amr, Patmon and Gini share a love for Stockton and a sense of purpose in resourcing St. Joseph’s to be a leader in health care and education.

"While our intention was to host the event as an expression of our gratitude for our O’Connor Society members, it was not surprising that the generosity continued," says Julie Eckardt-Cantrall, Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer for St. Joseph’s Foundation. "When stewardship is strategic, it increases the connection between our investors and the mission of the organization."

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